Meatloaf and more in this “planned leftovers” salad

By Jeanie Rose | Recipes

Dec 11

Meatloaf and more in this "planned leftovers" saladWe often make composed salads with intentional leftovers. The salads go together so quickly, have a real gourmet flair and leave you feeling totally self-satisfied. This meatloaf salad is one of those.

Make a meatloaf of your choice. Shape it in a long narrow log that will allow you to put two or more thin slices of meatloaf on your finished salad.

For the rest of the salad, make use of leftovers. Plan on leftovers such as grilled onions from lunch, grated cheese from breakfast, torn salad greens from last night’s dinner, roasted vegetables from two days ago.

If you start planning and collecting leftovers two days in advance, these salads go together in a flash. A flash!

Finish the salads with a stunning tomato powder vinaigrette or set out a choice of dressings to allow each person to pick their own.

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