Thin-Slicing Beef (Quick Tip)

By Jeanie Rose | Food Profiles

Aug 06

Thin Sliced Beef Tip from FreshBitesDaily.comYou may have a favorite dish that calls for thinly sliced beef: paper-thin sliced beef.

In cases like this the meat is usually a tougher cut, like bottom round or London broil. Slicing these cuts so thinly considerably reduces the amount of cooking time required to get the meat tender. This is the case with the Dry Beef Curry.

Here are some simple steps to accomplish the task:

  1. Select the sharpest knife you own. You may want to sharpen it before beginning this project.
  2. Slice your cut of meat into long strips about 1-inch wide. The length and depth will have been determined by the butcher who originally processed the meat.
  3. Arrange the meat strips on a tray large enough to provide a little space between the strips.
  4. Place the tray with strips in the freezer for a couple of hours until the meat is almost frozen through.
  5. Again, using your very sharpest knife, slice the strips of meat into paper-thin bits. Slice at an angle. This results in a more tender cooked meat.

If you like to plan ahead with meat like this (and if you like to take advantage of a good sale on tougher cuts of meat), cut all your meat into strips and freeze the strips appropriately. Package the strips in amounts that fit your family size and the recipes you will use with this meat. Remove the package of strips from the freezer a couple of hours before you plan to do the thin slicing.

Once you get the hang of this thin-slicing and realize how easy it is you will find yourself doing much more of it because tough cuts of beef are certainly tasty. In addition, thin-slicing stretches the meat — not as much meat is required for a satisfying dish.

Creativity kicks in and you will find all sorts of ways to use thinly sliced beef.

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