Freezing Produce Tip: Don’t Over-Stuff the Freezer Bags

By Amanda Rose | Food Profiles

Sep 23

Freezing Produce Tip at FreshBitesDaily.comMost things are simple once you think of it. This one is embarrassingly simple but if you are like me, you like to over-stuff everything.

If you over-stuff a freezer bag you have to use fewer of them, right? That may be the case but you will also use more freezer space and end up with a frustrating mess.

Fill your quart-sized bag with about two cups of your freezer stash. Two cups is a good amount for most recipes. It will already be measured for you. In addition, your bags will actually stack.

When your ingredients are still fresh, fill the bag and then flatten the contents. You will have an orderly stack of food in your freezer which is more likely to stay neatly stacked through the winter.

Freezing Produce Tip at FreshBitesDaily.comFor information on freezing specific foods, check out freezing zucchini, freezing greens, and freezing peppers.

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11 years ago

Great topic!! Does anyone have a clue as to the BPA or other plastic hardening compounds involved in our plastic bags? I know we treat them as clean, when they probably have production films on them fresh from the package. I have washed them before using them. We know they change chemically as they get more brittle, and of course, this probably goes into the food. But does anyone know the status of safety of our plastic freezing bags? My brain tries to figure other ways to safely freeze foods….but so far, nothing. Well, short of responsible corporations…oxymoron. Thanks in… Read more »

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