Boiling Potatoes for More Flavor (Quick Tip)

By Amanda Rose | Food Profiles

May 10

Boiling Potatoes Tip at FreshBitesDaily.comI was walking through the kitchen and noticed my mom putting potatoes on to boil — whole potatoes that will end up cut up in a potato salad. For my part, I figure if I am going to cut up the potatoes anyway, I would rather cut them raw (and cold) and boil them in cubes. They cook much faster that way but I had a feeling I was missing something.

“Why are you boiling those potatoes whole, Mom?”

“They don’t end up water logged and will absorb more of the dressing from the salad. The flavors of the dressing will penetrate the potato itself.”

The potato salad was fantastic.

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11 years ago

Yeah, if potatoes are cut into big cubes and then boiled, they boil easily and the taste is also better. I always boil potatoes after cutting them into at least two halves.

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