Bite-Sized Grape “Popsicles”

By Amanda Rose | Recipes

Jul 19

Frozen Grape Popsicles at FreshBitesDaily.comHardly worthy of a “recipe,” did you realize that grapes freeze well and make great little bite-sized popsicles?

Indeed they do.

Using any sweet grape, freeze a stash for a hot day. My mom and her friend spent one legendary week painting a house in 107 degree temperatures and ate an entire case of these frozen grapes to survive the heat.

Keep in mind that freezing them in this way is not a solution for preserving grapes. The nice “crunch” they have fresh will be gone once they are defrosted, but they will be extra-crunchy as miniature popsicles.

Grape Popsicle Ingredients

  • Your favorite grapes. (Pictured are Flames.)

Grape Popsicle Steps

  1. Wash your grapes well and allow them to drain dry.
  2. Place dry grapes on a cookie sheet in a single layer.
  3. Place the cookie sheet in the freezer.
  4. In an hour or more transfer the grapes to a plastic freezer bag or other freezer storage container.
  5. Remove your grape popsicles from the freezer as you need them. They will defrost quickly on a hot day.

    Frozen Grapes as Popsicles at

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10 years ago

I got some organic grapes at wholefoods and completely forgot to wash them; just threw them in the freezer. Any suggestions on washing them now? Should I wash in freezing water?


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