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May 08

Beet Root Soup

By Jeanie Rose | Beets

Roasted beets are used as the base of this striking and delicious soup. If you already have the roasted beets in the refrigerator and chicken bone broth in the crock pot, then this soup is almost instant. It makes a fascinating first course for a spicy meal like Jamaican jerk grilled chicken and brown rice […]

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May 03

Roasted Red Pepper Soup with Corn

By Jeanie Rose | Peppers

In the fall when the sweet red peppers sales hit the market, it’s hard to come home with less than a dozen…or two. The dense flesh, bright red color and rich flavor makes these peppers almost irresistible. If you are like me, there comes that moment when the 20 peppers sit in a heap on […]

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May 03

Friends thought Hidden Valley had stolen this ranch dressing from us but it’s a classic that predates the bottle…

By Jeanie Rose | Dairy

Who doesn’t love ranch salad dressing? Homemade ranch dressing is that much better. Ranch dressing may be the most requested dressing in restaurants. Before ranch dressing became a commercial blockbuster, I made this type of dressing for sandwiches at home. When Hidden Valley hit the market some decades ago, my friends thought Hidden Valley had […]

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May 01

Cream of Broccoli Soup with Cheese

By Jeanie Rose | Broccoli

This cream of broccoli cheese soup is a rich soup with delicate color and flavor. Serve it with a green salad and hot sourdough for a memorable winter meal. The dark green flowerettes added to the soup at the last minute make this pale green soup very interesting. Leftovers can be carefully reheated but the […]

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