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Aug 01

Strawberry Cream Cups

By Amanda Rose | Berries

These strawberry cream cups are simple to put together and will impress even the pickiest of guests. Their base is cream cheese, slightly sweetened with honey, and lightened just a bit by the addition of water. It sets up nicely with the addition of gelatin. The cream cheese portion of this recipe was inspired by […]

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Jul 29

Blackberries Everywhere, Jam Time

By Frederick | Berries

Editor’s note: This article comes from our 11-year-old writer Frederick who writes about his experiences with cooking and gardening here in California’s Sequoia National Forest. I like eating blackberries especially off of the vines. I ate blackberries off of the vines for three weeks and then there was enough to pick and take inside. Finally, […]

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Jul 15

Blackberry Clafuti

By Frederick | Berries

Editor’s note: This is a post from our youngest writer (11) about his food experiences. We have been eating blackberries off of the vines for three weeks and finally we had enough berries to pick and make something. My grandma found a recipe called “clafuti” that could be made out of any fresh fruit or […]

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Jul 04

Peach Salsa

By Jeanie Rose | Peaches Plums Apricots

Fruit salsas are becoming a real favorite in this home. The burst of sweet fruit freshness with the salty and hot undertones is a delightful surprise. We had this peach salsa with grilled salmon and brown rice pilaf, both of which are standouts on their own. However, when combined with the peach salsa, the salsa […]

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Jun 18

Saving Lemon Zest – Quick Tip

By Jeanie Rose | Citrus

Scratch into the skin of a freshly picked lemon. Take a deep whiff. It’s a heady experience, isn’t it? The zest of the lemon carries a powerful amount of flavor, flavor you can enjoy long after the lemon itself is gone. When faced with a need for lemon juice, as in making lemonade, consider removing […]

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