Blackberry Clafuti

By Frederick | Berries

Jul 15

Blackberry Clafuti at

Editor’s note: This is a post from our youngest writer (11) about his food experiences.

We have been eating blackberries off of the vines for three weeks and finally we had enough berries to pick and make something. My grandma found a recipe called “clafuti” that could be made out of any fresh fruit or berries so we picked the berries and decided to make clafuti out of them.

We put all the ingredients except berries inside the blender and mixed them together. I never saw flour or eggs mixed together in a blender. It’s sort of strange. We usually use a mixer for baking sweet things.

My little brother Alastair put sugar on the blackberries and smooshed them. We put the berries in the pan and we put the stuff from the blender into the pan. The berries floated to the top.

My grandma Bea put the clafuti in the oven and told us to take a bath because we were dirty. She said the clafuti would be done when we got out.

We took a bath and came to the kitchen after. Alastair said the clafuti was hot and not to touch it. I touched it and it wasn’t hot. It was just a little warm. I took a spoon and I snuck a little from the pan.

It was yummy.

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Suzanne Shelby
Suzanne Shelby
10 years ago


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