Fruity ice cubes — A tradition from our grandma’s grandma

By Amanda Rose | Berries

Jun 10

Fruity ice cubes -- A tradition from our grandma's grandma“This idea is so simple, it’s hardly worthy of a video,” Frederick says on the video below. That’s the truth. A picture of this process tells the story and yet, for us, the story is much more than the how-to aspect of this fruity ice cube concept.

My mom grew up as an Air Force Brat, traveling all over the world through her childhood, but she was able to spend most of her summers with her grandmother in Pennsylvania. These summers were their main time together and her grandmother wanted them to be special. Her husband had passed at that point and she was a single lady living in a small apartment in a very small Pennsylvania town. To delight my mother, she added flair to some of their otherwise ordinary lunches and dinners and these ice cubes were one prime example.

She turned lemonade and punch into a treat by adding ice cubes that were not plain water — each cube had a maraschino cherry inside and was filled with lemonade or punch instead of water. This kept the punch from becoming diluted with water but my mom’s memory is one of an 8-year-old girl looking into a punch bowl with delight as maraschino cherries dropped to the bottom after the ice melted. She was right there to fish them out like prizes.

The tradition continues and you can see in the video below that these guys love making these ice cubes. Who can blame them? They are like tiny popsicles.

Watch the video below and be sure to subscribe to their channel so that you don’t miss a video.

Fruity ice cubes -- A tradition from our grandma's grandma

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