Pink lemonade (plus an important discussion on “brown lemonade”)

By Amanda Rose | Citrus

Aug 10

The summer is all about lemonade around here, in all different variations. Pink lemonade is always a hit, I expect because it’s pink. It’s hard to beat pink.

Our pink lemonade follows our basic lemonade formula: Add together water, lemon juice, and a sweetener. As the boys describe in the video below, in the case of pink lemonade, the sweetener is also the way you get the drink “pink.”

Unless you are going for “brown lemonade,” something Alastair brings up in the video. He’s insisted that he’s tried it and liked it. Hmmm. I wonder if there’s a market for such a thing….

Use a fruit syrup from a red or pink fruit: strawberry, cherry, watermelon, raspberry, or even prickly pear. (The photo displayed here uses a particularly bright pink prickly pear.

Pink lemonade (plus an important discussion on "brown lemonade")Are you making your own syrup from fresh fruit? We should have such a resource here but in each case above except the prickly pear, I would simply blend the fruit in a blender to puree it and sweeten it with about equal parts honey. I would add that mixture to the lemonade in the proportions below. The prickly pear is a little more complicated since it is so fibrous that it really needs to be strained. You could juice it in a juicer or cook it on the stovetop and strain it before adding the honey.

You could even use a red-colored jelly. Jelly is just syrup with pectin added to firm it up a bit. It could work as a syrup too.

The proportions here are a starting point and, I think, make a fairly sweet lemonade. If you don’t want yours too sweet, I would start with about half of the sweetener and taste your way to perfection.

Pink Lemonade Ingredients

  • 1 cup of fruit syrup (1/2 cup pureed fruit, 1/2 cup honey)
  • 2 quarts of water
  • The juice of about five lemons, about 1 1/2 cups

Pink Lemonade Steps

  1. There are no steps. Around here we do just want the Half Pints do in the video: Pour it all in a jar together, give it a shake, and serve it. 😉
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