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Amanda Rose, Ph.D., lives in the Giant Sequoia National Monument of California where she forages and wild crafts for food and remedies from local native plants. She is increasingly known for her weight loss success ("half her size") via her website

May 28

Boil High Oxalate Greens

By Amanda Rose | Data Bites , Tidbits

We love greens and have made a commitment in our household to grow them abundantly in our garden and to eat them with relish. However, when we are consuming greens in quantity, particularly in dishes like our extra-green soups, we do pay attention to the content of oxalic acid in them. Oxalic acid will reduce […]

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May 25

Children of the Corn (Pollan Paintings Remembered)

By Amanda Rose | Fun

We were laughing the other day about this long-forgotten art work from Frederick’s kindergarten days. I posted it on the legendary Ethicurean website (now on hiatus) some years back, inspired by Michael Pollan’s The Omnivore’s Dilemma which may be most remembered for exposing the vast use of corn-based ingredients in processed foods. Pollan may be […]

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