A sardine appetizer with wonderful flavors of the summer

By Amanda Rose | Sardines

May 17

A sardine appetizer with wonderful flavors of the summerWe had company last week and set out an appetizer spread, including these sardine crackers. It turns out that none of the company would get near sardines and I spoiled my dinner gobbling up the whole tray.

Sardines are a great source of the beneficial Omega 3 fats and a host of minerals but most people are turned off by that “bad batch” they ate in 1973. If that is you, try sardines again for the first time. You can find our favorite sardines right here, a detectible treat from one of our on-line partners.

These crackers are simple: We used our sun dried tomato and roasted red pepper spread as a base and added a sardine bite to the top of each. Tomato is a natural companion to sardines, so the flavors blended well. The crackers also needed a bit of garnish and basil was sitting on my kitchen island anyway, so I added it. The basil added great flavor as well as garnish.

Plan for about a dozen crackers per sardine tin.

Sardine Appetizer Ingredients

Sardine Appetizer Steps

  1. Spread dip onto crackers
  2. Add sardine pieces to crackers
  3. Tuck fresh basil under each sardine

The crackers will get a bit soft over several hours with the dip sitting on them but the flavor is still great.

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11 years ago

sardines is one of my favorite instant foods. they easy to be cooked in vary ways and this recipe is a good idea. I’ll try the best to make it taste good 🙂

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