Mystery Food Tasting from the Half Pint Hacks: The Vintage Candy Series

By Amanda Rose | Half Pint Fun

Sep 24

For the last six weeks or so, the Half Pint Hacks have been doing their “Mystery Food Tastings,” many of which are vintage candies. (The main exception I posted last week here — cod liver — mwahahahaha.) I hesitated having them taste candies for any purpose but a friend told me she would love to see their reaction to some of these vintage candies we used to buy at corner stores in the 60s and 70s. I decided to give a video a shot and had so much fun watching their reactions that I was hooked. These kids have had very little candy experience and don’t even know what to do with some of these items. They don’t hold back in their reviews. The word “nasty” comes up often from Frederick.

Here are some of the videos to date.

Pop Rocks

Have you ever seen a chicken eat Pop Rocks? Yeah, me either until I sat behind this camera. Personally, I would not have considered trying to get a chicken to eat them. Really? Would they peck it? They do. Check out that part here.

I wondered if there was any information on the Internet about chickens eating Pop Rocks and, of course, turned to Google. I found an article from that claims Pop Rocks kill chickens. It says:

Q: Can Pop Rocks kill chickens?
A: Yes they will, pop rocks contain various chemicals that react with the chickens stomach lining, Three hours after eaten the chicken will pass a foamy substance from their anus and die.

We either dodged a bullet or is not the definitive source on chickens and Pop Rocks. We do know that chickens don’t really care for Pop Rocks (check that out here).

The boys make their mom proud when they read the Pop Rocks ingredients (here).

Candy Necklaces

The Candy Necklaces likely don’t need an introduction. For a classic Half Pint moment, listen to Frederick’s candy necklace analysis: “I think it’s kind of nasty how people are wearing this and then they just eat the candies off of here and they just keep wearing the necklace!” (Watch that little clip right here.) Frederick makes his mama proud when he reads the candy necklace ingredients. You must watch this clip here.

Wax Bottles and Lips

I really thought I might die in the “wax lips and bottles” video when Frederick, donned with wax lips, held a flapping chicken here.

Pixy Stix

I sat behind the camera of this video and thought: “How interesting can this really be? It’s sugar in a straw.” The boys brought in a third mystery taster and set up a whole other tasting. You can jump right to that scene here.

Laffy Taffy

I never intended to put this video up at all. It’s only Frederick, no Alastair. Alastair wouldn’t finish his math and so Frederick did a tasting without him. Of course, he brought in a chicken and stepped it up a notch. Alastair actually finished his math right as the tasting was wrapping up and gets a little scolding from Frederick here. Math has been going much better. 🙂

Atomic Fireball

Yes, there is red food dye in this one. Alastair makes that clear in a number of ways…

Fun Dip

“Maybe I should have left my powder in the packet. I made a big mess on the table.”

It’s hard to imagine not knowing that you’re supposed to dip the stick into the powder, but clearly these guys are new to this vintage candy.

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