Mystery Food Tasting: The Half Pints Taste Canned Cod Liver

By Amanda Rose | Liver

Sep 14

The poor Half Pints!

They started a “Mystery Food Tasting” category of videos on YouTube and they were LOVING it. The first four videos were candy! What a job!

As they mentioned in their first tasting, they have never eaten Mounds bars, Little Debbie Snack Cakes, or (drumroll…) McDonalds. They are tasting some foods for the very first time right there on YouTube in episodes that have me in tears as I sit behind the camera and hold in my laughter.

Here are some classic moments:
Frederick’s candy necklace analysis: “I think it’s kind of nasty how people are wearing this and then they just eat the candies off of here and they just keep wearing the necklace!” (Watch that little clip right here.)
Frederick makes his mama proud when he reads the candy necklace ingredients. You must watch this clip here.
I really thought I might die in the “wax lips and bottles” video when Frederick, donned with wax lips, held a flapping chicken here.

There are many hilarious moments, many involving chickens, but this cod liver video may be hard to beat. It is, after all, cod liver…

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