Cod Liver: How *does* it taste?

By Amanda Rose | Liver

Oct 20

“Liver” as a class of meat is packed with nutrients — a host of minerals, B vitamins, and the fat soluble vitamins A and D. Cod liver in particular is so prized that its oil is extracted and sold as a supplement. Many of our parents grew up on the somewhat-notorious “cod liver oil,” an oil that made a come-back in the marketplace in the last decade or so.

With the fuss over the cod liver oil, have you ever considered tasting the actual cod liver? Here in California it is very difficult to find fresh and so we turn to the canned variety.

First, how does canned cod liver taste to kids when they know they are eating cod liver? Exactly as you would expect but I’ll let you be entertained by the Half Pint Hacks in their mystery cod liver tasting. From the moment of the big reveal when they announce, “This isn’t candy. It’s liver. It’s liver from a fish.” Reading the label, Frederick adds in disgust, “It’s ocean fresh.” The boys do eventually taste it and then bring in a chicken to help close out their tasting. It is filled with many soon-to-be classic Half Pint moments, the stuff that shows up at wedding dinners years from now.

With all that fuss, I then mixed some canned cod liver in with tuna and asked Alastair for an opinion. In a rare moment in which Alastair actually said nothing, he managed to gobble up the tuna/liver combination like a pro. He never knew what lurked in his school time lunch.

Check out both videos below.

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