Kid tastes 2-year-old birthday cake

By Amanda Rose | Half Pint Fun

Mar 10

Just before Alastair’s birthday this year we found a piece of 2-year-old birthday cake in the freezer. I wondered what the kids would do if that cake ended up in their Mystery Tasting.

Frederick totally went with it. He knew we had an actual cake from this year because he had helped make it the day before. He even told Alastair that the 2-year-old cake was his only cake. I was behind the camera and felt that was a little harsh but let it go since it didn’t seem to bother Alastair one bit. In fact, as you’ll see in the video, he had no issue at all with the 2-year-old cake.

The most memorable part is when the adults left the area and let the camera roll. I only realized what happened when I edited the video later and realized why Alastair was bouncing off the walls all afternoon.

As an aside, they seem to grow out of this “eat all of the sugar on earth” stage. Thank goodness. Of course, Alastair is not yet at that stage, apparently.

Kid tastes 2-year-old birthday cake

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