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Natural Living: Healthy Structures for Long Life

The original draft of the book Rebuild from Depression included a “Part 3” about healthy living. The first two parts of the book focus on nutrients that build your brain, but exposure to pollution for instance can actually rob your body of nutrients. To win the long game, it is important to reduce your exposure to toxins. This downloadable file written in 2007 explores changes you can make in your daily life to reduce your exposure.

“Cheater’s Starter” for Sourdough Bread

Wild starter is wonderful and if you have used it before, that’s definitely what you should use. However, if you are new to sourdough, start with this method. It is a no-fail method that will help build your comfort level in working with a wild starter and with mastering the rest of the stages of baking. Watch the tutorial in your toolkit.

The Raw Milk White Paper and Consumer Guide

Perhaps you’ve heard of raw milk, unpasteurized milk that is actually illegal to sell at retail in many states because of its potential to harbor pathogenic bacteria. I have consumed it since I was three and am a low risk group for illness at this point but many people are just beginning to discover the food and they wonder if it is safe. Raw milk advocacy groups have claimed that raw milk is uniquely safe — that the milk itself will kill pathogens. They are not entirely wrong, but the general claim doesn’t give a full picture of the research. Written back in 2009, this white paper has helped put this research in perspective. Increasingly raw milk consumers and advocates recognize that raw milk can harbor pathogens and cause illness, just like any other food. Consider this paper part of “Raw Milk Americana.”

Download a raw milk buyer’s guide — the only consumer-oriented guide on the Internet that helps consumers examine raw milk dairies for safety.

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