An upset stomach remedy in a soothing drink

By Amanda Rose | Natural Remedies

Dec 16

A soothing drink for your upset stomachWhen I read Ramya’s post about how to make coconut milk from fresh coconuts (here), I took note of the little nugget in it: If you have an upset stomach, combine coconut milk and cardamom powder with a little sweetener as a beverage to sooth your stomach. It’s hard to go wrong with coconut milk or cardamom and so I tucked the idea for another day.

Lo and behold, the occasion presented itself about a week later when I felt a bit queasy and I gave it a shot. This is a great drink!

My mom and I actually had a fellow-queasy moment and so we give this two thumbs up. The boys are always up for a warm sweetened beverage. They say: “We’d like it a little more sweet.” Of course they would….

There is no “right” recipe here. Dabble with proportions so that this works for you.

Your remedy for an upset stomach – dyspepsia

upset stomach remedy

  1. Heat 2 cups of coconut milk on the stove, whisking it regularly to keep it from burning.
  2. Add 1 teaspoon cardamom powder and 1 tablespoon honey, whisking thoroughly.
  3. Adjust for taste.


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