This simple thing can reduce your stress and build immunity at the same time…

By Amanda Rose | Natural Remedies

Mar 14

Forest Walks Build Immunity from FreshBitesDaily.comIf you’ve wonder where you should travel on your next holiday, maybe it should involve a forest.

There is actually research that suggests a trip to the forest can reduce your stress levels (no big surprise) but also build your immunity. In Japan there is a tradition of Shinrinyoku — a leisurely visit to the forest. A visit of a few days, taking in the sweet smells of the trees, the fresh air, and sunshine actually may improve your health. Most of us who experience “the forest” regularly would probably not be surprised but I was amazed that there is actual research evidence. And so we position ourselves for our adventures exploring every nook and cranny of the Sequoia National Forest, getting physically fit and apparently building our immunity at the same time.

That said…

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