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May 19

A graphic picture as evidence that prevention is easier than treatment when it comes to skin cancer (and a simple remedy you can try today)

By Amanda Rose | Natural Body Care

You’ve probably seen the articles around the Internet: “What advice would I give to my teenage self?” The advice invariably refers to finding a mate, finding purpose in life, and protecting your skin. What most people realize as they hit that point of “middle age” is that skin protection would have been a very easy […]

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Mar 24

Natural and quick sinus relief, right here

By Amanda Rose | Natural Remedies

Oh, sinuses. As allergy season kicks in, sinuses may become a bigger problem for you still. What are out top sinus remedies for sinusitis? Horseradish. The “horseradish snuff.” Reflexology, applying pressure to your toes. The “thermal pump,” alternating your feet in hot and cold water. For some natural sinus relief, we turn to renowned herbalist […]

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