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Jun 25

A blueberry breakfast in a cup

By Amanda Rose | Berries

Alastair proudly picks a handful of blueberries and exclaims: “Let’s make a drink!” Beverages are Alastair’s excuse to get concentrated fruit in a glass. Beverages are also my trick to getting protein in my children. This one makes a great breakfast, in fact. I used a simple custard approach with this drink just varying the […]

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Oct 23

Raspberry Syrup Over Shortcake

By Jeanie Rose | Berries

Some raspberries produce in the spring, some in the fall, some do both. Of the berries we have in the garden, Frederick and Alastair both have chosen raspberries as their favorites. Both boys believe these berries to be the sweetest of all. I love them because of their complex flavors. Each variety sings its own […]

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