Key tip for eating (and drinking) turmeric (aka “You’re eating your turmeric *all wrong*!!!”) plus recipes

By Amanda Rose | Turmeric

May 13

Key tip for eating (and drinking) turmeric (aka "You're eating your turmeric *all wrong*!!!") plus recipesWe get a lot of people to this website looking for information on turmeric and we make the claim that our most popular recipe, golden milk, is a recipe that “actually tastes good.”

Make that claim and you will inevitably end up with an objection or three. (Or three million.)

Why is it that my kids guzzle it and other people can’t stand it? Well, we are all different and not everyone is going to like turmeric, but I realize there is an important point that I ought to highlight: Raw turmeric tastes like crap.

“Crap” may be a bit harsh but raw turmeric is very, very bitter.

You can hunt around on this site and notice that there are no raw turmeric salads or a juiced turmeric root beverage touted as a super food. Raw turmeric is so bitter that it requires a whole other level of commitment to health than most of us have.

Key turmeric tip: Cook your turmeric

Even turmeric powder can be bitter depending on how it’s made. If you are just adding it to a stir fry you probably would have never noticed because you do cook it in that dish. If you are adding it to a beverage and you just swish it around in some warm milk, you will likely be mightily dissatisfied.

Bring your beverage to a boil. Add the turmeric and let it simmer for a bit. Your drink will taste about 7 million times better.

Eat More Turmeric: Your Recipe Collection

Main Dishes

You're eating your turmeric all wrong!

Simple Side Dishes with Turmeric

Soups and Beans with Turmeric

Drinks with Turmeric

You're eating your turmeric all wrong!

Turmeric Honey Shots

Key tip for eating (and drinking) turmeric (aka "You're eating your turmeric *all wrong*!!!") plus recipesDeserving a category of its own, you will basically seep turmeric in honey and then use the honey as a shot or to make a tea. Check out this power-packed idea (but watch that whole “raw” part) here from

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