Turmeric tea in many new flavor combinations

By Amanda Rose | Turmeric

Dec 02

Turmeric tea in many new flavor combinationsI know a lot of you love turmeric tea and I certainly know from experience that it is easy to tire of the same old flavors that you are producing in your kitchen. That’s why I was pleased to stumble upon a turmeric tea sample package when the Half Pints and I attended ShiftCon back in October. Numi makes four turmeric teas, any of which I would recommend for flavor, each offering a fairly unique flavor experience. When you consider that turmeric itself has a very strong flavor, the Numi tea developers did a great job in providing flavor options for us.

Unfortunately, it does not appear that a sample package is available for purchase and so you’ll either want to buy multiple flavors and set up your own tasting or just punt and grab what you think you’ll like. I did like all of them but couldn’t imagine why one would have rose in it. Apparently, my lack of vision is why I am not a professional tea developer. That is Three Roots flavor (here). The other great flavors are Amber Sun (here), Field of Gold (here), and Golden Tonic (here). It is very good and worth a spot on your tea shelf.

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