Tea for Mental Sharpness

By Amanda Rose | Rosemary

Oct 06

Tea for Mental SharpnessDrink a tea to help keep your brain sharp and grab that herb right from your cupboard or kitchen herb garden. I would love for everyone to be able to walk outside their house and harvest a small remedy to improve their mood that very day. Here in California, most of us can stroll through our neighborhoods and pick a few sprigs of rosemary, an herb that improves our mood and improves mental focus at the same time. (I wrote about rosemary for mental clarity and depression here and speak about the topic in a video here.) It’s an herb that most people don’t think about putting in a tea but it actually tastes pretty good. We also have sages growing wild all over the place in California. It just requires tooling up a bit on finding them. Mints would be good too and may be more common in your area — we find them in the mountain areas here.

The Half Pints offer you some ideas and Alastair cooks up a strange brew in the process.

Their tea interests follow mine. I love rosemary and sage both (though not together either — I’m with Frederick on that). In the last year, we’ve doubled the rosemary plants on our property and probably have upwards of fifty plants. We have at least that many sage plants, of various varieties. This herb thing is definitely addictive!

So, go forth and pick a sprig. Improve your day.

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