Growing Rosemary (And Why We Love It For Mood / Depression)

By Amanda Rose | Rosemary

Sep 21

We have a lot of projects going on around the house, leading me to transplant about a dozen rosemary plants. We are in the middle of a massive redesign of our front entry area, mainly because the front deck was so completely rotten that you could lose a leg in it. I helped my dad build it 30 years ago and so I am not really complaining — it had a good run of it. The old deck had four planter boxes in front of it with rosemary plants. The boxes are a solid 25 years old and have lived out their potential. The rosemary is getting moved to a large rosemary planting we have on the property that can use some filler. (The drought has been a bit hard on that part of the property.)

Check out the video for why I love rosemary — the role it can play in lifting our moods. I include my best rosemary tip at the end of the video. If you want a cheater track to the tip, you’ll find it right at this time stamp (here).

Growing Rosemary (And Why We Love It For Mood / Depression)As for planting rosemary, it is a very easy plant to grow keeping in mind a few key points:

  • This is a warm climate plant — zones 8-10. If your area is too cold, you can grow it as an annual plant or keep it under cover of a green house in the winter.
  • Rosemary needs soil that drains well. If you’ve got too much clay, the rosemary will just sit there and grow very little. Talk to a local nursery about ideas to amend your soil — all herbs need well-draining soil, so it’s a worthy adventure.
  • Rosemary officionalis comes in many varieties, all of which smell and taste wonderful. Find the variety you like and go for it.
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