Your Star-Wars-inspired Storm Trooper Easter Basket

By Amanda Rose | Half Pint Fun

Feb 24

You guys know I’ve got two boys running around here and these guys insist on Easter excitement. It’s their favorite holiday. They would love to hunt for eggs all year round. We dye eggs in natural food dyes, we dye them in those little round tablets that you can buy at the grocery store, we dye them any way at all, and then we hide them all over the place.

We hide boiled eggs and plastic eggs and anything at all. They just love the hunt.

And so we step it up a notch with these Storm Trooper eggs, eggs which are bound to be hidden and found until they are no longer edible, crushed in fire fights and dive bombs. If eggs weren’t so costly, we’d probably do this all the time, but Easter sure seems like a decent reason to bring them out.

Your Star-Wars-inspired Storm Trooper Easter Basket

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