A spoon that takes eating to a whole new level of “fun”

By Amanda Rose | Half Pint Fun

Jul 10

A spoon that takes eating to a whole new level of "fun"Here’s a little Friday fun — a spoon that changes color when it hits cold food. I can’t tell you how much my kids love these spoons.

Just last night my mom sat at our dining room table eating ice cream after a long day in the heat and Alastair (6) got out the spoons and proceeded to add all six or so colors to her bowl, one at a time commenting on their colors as he added them. Her bowl was more spoon than ice cream by the time she finished with them.

Watch the fun in the video below. Really, we should all have that much fun from something so simple.

These are plastic spoons, presumably intended to be disposable. We hand wash them and put them back in our little color-changing spoon stash. I keep about five in the travel kit for the car, for those ice cream splurges on the road.

You can find the spoons at our Amazon partner here.

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