Simple Solar Lights for Your Outdoor Areas

By Amanda Rose | Garden

Sep 07

This is really a simple project for your yard or garden and, as a bonus, you can make use of the Heritage jars from Ball that you have been admiring on your kitchen shelf.

In the old days, you had to make solar lids yourself but enterprising people have determined that people like us will buy ready-made lids from them. You can buy them with or without wires. I went without but I would be inclined to go with in the future. Here is with the wires. Here is without.

Simple Solar Lights for Your Outdoor AreasThe Half Pints describe our project in their solar light video above (here on YouTube). Your biggest decision will be what color Ball jar to use. You can see what direction we went on that important question. 🙂

In addition, my biggest tip (at the risk of being ridiculously obvious): These lights need sun. If they don’t light up for you and you are keeping them under the cover of your porch, that is very likely the cause.

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