Garden trellis ideas for climbing vines

By Amanda Rose | Garden

Feb 19

Garden trellis ideas for climbing vinesWinter time is our time to work on our soil-building and garden structures here in California and so we are all about trellises right now. They won’t be covered in vining plants for many months but they will be ready. As you build your garden it is important to consider the needs of your future plants themselves. Winter squash, climbing beans, and vining berries need room to roam. If you don’t plan their roaming, you may end up with vining plants in inconvenient areas. Your plants may end up a bit less healthy and you may not even have room to walk in your own garden.

Plan gardening trellises for these climbers with a mind toward sunlight and easy harvesting. The vines will need sun for the plants to thrive but they should not be so high that it is unreasonable to pick the vegetables or fruit.

This is also your best opportunity for re-purposing old structures as garden trellises. We found a garden using an old swing set for training vines. As a result, my son wants a real swing set in the garden, in part for the purpose of a trellis and in part so that he can take a break from helping with garden chores by jumping on a swing in the garden. It’s a thought all right… 😉

We have used the sides of a recalled baby crib and old remnant fencing to help guide our plants in the right direction.

Garden trellis ideas for climbing vinesWe created a moveable make-shift trellis with PVC and string.

Of course, there is the new construction option as well, particularly if you are going for a particular look in the garden. These are best to construct as you plan your garden.

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