Add a little surprise to your pillow to aid in your relaxation

By Amanda Rose | Lavender

Jan 27

Add a little surprise to your pillow to aid in your relaxationThis idea is not new and it is certainly not complicated. Certain aromas help us relax, so much so that some people will use aroma therapy devices at night to aid in a more restful sleep. This is the same idea but it simply requires a bit of dried herb to get started.

All you need to do is add some dried herbs to a pouch, pillow, sack, or even a sock banded at the top. Put the pouch in your own bed pillow or clutch it through the night like your own Velveteen Rabbit or like Linus’ blanket, of Snoopy fame.

My three favorite herbs for this purpose are lavender, lemon balm, and catnip, all of which help to sooth and promote better rest.

Your own favorite scent may do the trick too. I have cuddled many-a-night with Cleveland sage simply because I love it and I think about its beauty as I cuddle with it and disengage from the day.

The only real keys to success of this concept are two:

  1. Use dried herbs. Fresh herbs will mold with this usage.
  2. Put them in a pillow or pouch of some kind lest they end up scratching you in your bed sheets.

Sleep Pillow Recipe

  • 1/4 cup of dried lavender, catnip, lemon balm, or some combination.
  • One pouch.

Sleep Pillow Steps

  1. Give your dried herbs a few squeezes as you place them in your pillow to assist them in beginning to release their aroma.
  2. Secure your pouch closed with a string or rubber band. Allow plenty of room in the pouch — if you bundle it like a sachet, you will have a lump in your pillow. Allow room for the dried herb material to move around and flatten within your own bed pillow.
  3. Place the pouch in your own bed pillow.
  4. Snuggle and sleep.

Ideas for the “pouch”

Add a little surprise to your pillow to aid in your relaxationOnce you have your herbs, you just need something to put them in and it sure doesn’t have to be fancy. Here are some quick ideas:

  • That random sock. Yes, this is one good use. Use a rubber band to secure the opening.
  • A muslin bag. This gets fancier than a sock, but crafter-types often have these around.
  • A reusable produce bag. There are a number of bags on the market designed to hold your produce at the market. This would work quite well. (One of mine is included in the picture.)

If you are making gifts, I would go in the direction of the muslin bag or make a proper pillow, possibly with a muslin lining. In a case like this, I would make a “flat” pillow — a regular pillow that is then sewn across at least twice, creating quarter sections in the pillow, just to keep the herbs dispersed a bit.

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