Important Real Food Cause For Your Consideration

By Amanda Rose | Tidbits

Sep 04

Important "Real Food" cause. Please donate.Dear Friends,

My mom and I would be grateful if you would consider a small donation to a good cause. A young girl in Oregon will undergo a kidney transplant this Monday. She was a victim of food poisoning (E. coli). The source of the infection is known — it is a small farm without funds to help her and, as you can imagine, the medical expenses are adding up for this family. The mother will be donating her own kidney, leaving the mom needing care as well. The child was partially paralyzed during her infection (due to stroke) and needs physical assistance that her mother will not be able to provide as they both recover from the transplant.

The food involved in this case is what we would consider “real food,” produced with the best intentions for this family by a small farmer. Intentions aren’t always enough — E. coli 0157:H7 is a virulent bug that can make its way into many of our food sources.

In support for the concept of small farmers and pulling together when a bad circumstance presents itself, we are asking that you join us in donating to this family. A few dollars can add up to a powerful statement. Thank you for your consideration.

— Amanda & Jeanie

Here are two donation options:
via credit card:
via Paypal: [email protected]


Since we posted our request on Facebook, we have received questions about the truthfulness of this drive and about the food source. The food source is controversial (described here) and will be politically important moving forward. Given the political importance, I see these donations as critical to everyone who would like to help a family in need but also as support for small farmers. As for the Kylee’s health, unfortunately Kylee’s situation is real and severe. I have followed her case closely since the spring of 2012.

Thank you for you support and your positive comments.

(I will not publish comments here with commentaries about the food. Thank you.)

— Amanda

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