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By Amanda Rose | Tidbits

Feb 08

I have woefully neglected this website since before the holidays and it hasn’t even really been the fault of the holidays. I thought a little update is in order, along with a content plan for 2016.

Rather than being completely caught up in the holidays, I have spent these weeks trying to find a new groove in life. I am trying not to miss my kids’ growing up. It is just happening soooo fast! I want to haul these kids all over the place and see everything and yet I can’t even keep my house clean. I am looking for balance and that balance is as difficult to find as the lost controller for the DVD player.

However, a big part of what I need to do in 2016 is to get a lot less fat and it’s going to take a lot of time and energy. I’m turning 47 this week and have a history of diabetes and heart disease in my family. Both of those diseases can nearly be prevented entirely with some weight loss. I don’t even need to be skinny for that benefit, just a bit less fat. So, that’s my goal.

I know that many of you struggle with the same problem and so I will make some videos along the way letting you know how it’s going. I’ve always struggled with weight and so I certainly know how to lose it but it is just so hard. It takes a focus and dedication that is hard to master, especially when little lives depend on you hourly. The basics of my plan is a low carb approach with a lot of exercise. Details and moaning are forthcoming.

Through 2016, a large part of the content for Fresh Bites Daily will come from the younger generation, the Half Pint Hacks. The Half Pints make a lot of food videos, fitting directly into the focus of the website, but they are also making an increasing number of science-oriented videos. I’m going to pop those up here on Fresh Bites Daily because, well, what the heck, right? It’s better than radio silence. The videos are also entertaining, at least to me. We really do have a fun time making candles light themselves and soda explode. (It’s a GREAT use for soda.)

You can expect a new recipe every week, a natural remedy written by me or by one of the FBD occasional writers (Ramya or Carol), a couple of fun science projects, and a Half Pint “Mystery Tasting.” I am going to work on adding a vlog on Sundays to the Fresh Bites Daily YouTube channel, focused on the diet or on happenings around here. You’ll find the vlogs to be themed around a topic and not in the category of “look what I bought at Target today” (unless I manage some time to have an experience at Target that is actually interesting).

The schedule will look something like this:

  • Monday: Natural Remedy
  • Tuesday: Fun Science Project
  • Wednesday: Cool Recipe
  • Thursday: Half Pint Mystery Tasting
  • Friday: Cool Recipe
  • Saturday: Fun Science Project
  • Sunday: Lifestyle vlog

For today I’ll leave you with the first ever Half Pint Mystery Tasting video filmed last fall — candy necklaces. Candy necklaces are completely contrary to the mission of Fresh Bites Daily but we recommend that you try them once if you never have. Candy necklaces are a vintage candy made by the Smarties company that really should have never been put on elastic strings and hung around necks.

Really, wearable candy?

My heart swells with pride at the older Half Pint in the video who says, “I think it’s kind of nasty that people eat this candy and then keep wearing the necklace!”

Of course, I am knocked back to reality with the fact that the younger Half Pint will eat any kind of candy, any time and any place, including right off his brother’s neck in the aforementioned candy necklace video. That point is so abundantly clear to the Half Pint followers. I take solace in knowing that his older brother started out the same way and somewhere as those hormones shift around, while we do get moody and a bit crazy, we also understand why it is important not to eat any candy at all. To all the moms out there: This childhood stage does pass, just keep up the message. (I also allow a little bit of sampling from the big, bad world, as is pretty obvious….)

OK, so speaking of candy, I need to get on that diet thing I mentioned.

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