Peppermint Candy Ornaments

By Amanda Rose | Half Pint Fun

Nov 30

We did it. It’s a popular Pinterest project and when I saw it I got excited and then took a second look and thought, “This one could be a real disaster.” Indeed, it can be. We thought about it and worked through it several times. The Half Pints offer a video with the how-to steps and tips.

These are the most important tips in the video:

  • Oil your cookie cutters. Really, you’ll be throwing everything away if you slack on this one. Spray the oil on or apply it with your fingers. Get good coverage to avoid sticking.
  • Watch the ornaments carefully while they are in the oven. For you all multi-taskers who get distracted by seventeen other projects while you’re working in the kitchen (*raises hand*), this might not be your project. Set a kitchen timer for about 3 minutes and then hover.

    Do not leave your kitchen.

    Do not forget this stuff.

    If you let it go a little bit too long it will swirl like Frederick shows in the video. If you let it go way too long you may end up serving your holiday cookies to your local firefighters when they respond to your kitchen fire.

There are more tips. Jump right to the tips portion of the video here.

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