This volcanic rock will clean your toilet, tub, and sink ;)

By Amanda Rose | Natural Home

Jul 16

This volcanic rock will clean your toilet ;)I know that none of you guys have a toilet ring as bad as the one in the video and I am sure that I let this go for five years (or 50) just so that I could show you how effective this treatment is. Yes, this neglected toilet looks like a completely different toilet today and it might even look pristine if I spent more than five minutes on it. You can see the “before” and the “after a few strokes” in the video.

And actually, if you have hard water, your toilet could get this bad fairly quickly. A bit of maintenance will help you stay in front of it.

The remedy is pumice stone and you can see the Half Pint Hacks hunting for it near Mono Lake, California, one of our favorite places in California’s pumice zone. Pumice is a special class of volcanic rock, making it a big Half Pint favorite.

You don’t need to travel to Mono Lake to find it (and I expect it’s against the rules to harvest it from there anyway). You need only go to the cleaning section of pretty much any grocery store around. You’ll find it on sticks and in blocks — pretty much any form that will help you clean your toilet, tub, grill, or even scrape the calluses off your feet.

In the case of toilet, sink, and tub rings, what it is actually “cleaning” off is mineral deposits. You are literally scraping off the deposits to expose the clean porcelain.

Scrape too much and you’ll start scraping off your porcelain.

Get a gentle rhythm going and you’ll be amazed at the difference.

Personally, I find that getting that last little bit off is more trouble than it’s worth because it seems to take as much time to get the last 10% off as it did the first 90%. I go for the 90% and use the time to clean something else in desperate need of cleaning. You may choose to go for the whole 100%.

The key to success is having everything very wet. Soak the pumice stone in water before the cleaning and clean your toilet, sink, or tub immediately before the pumice treatment so it is all still nice and wet. You might give your toilet a swish or flush as you are working to keep it wet.

Check out the Half Pint version of Fresh Bites Daily below if for no other reason than the eye-popping view at Mono Lake. It’s “other-worldy.”

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