Here’s the perfect use for soda: A geyser! What could possibly go wrong?

By Amanda Rose | Half Pint Fun

Feb 13

The Half Pints set out to measure the height of a soda geyser — the type of geyser triggered by Mentos candy. You’ve probably seen “Mentos and soda” videos before and so the reaction itself may not come as a surprise.

Get some completely soda-deprived kids to measure the geyser and what happens? I actually had not anticipated the direction of the video but once it happened I just shook my head and thought, “Of course!”

What happened to all of that soda? I let them choose one flavor to keep. They kept orange and drank some. About a third was left two days later, I tossed it, and they have completely forgotten about it. As for the other flavors, Frederick poured them down the slope you see behind them in the video.

I actually think it’s kind of funny that this video has gotten more “thumbs down” votes than any other Half Pint video. I got one comment: “What a waste of soda!” (Indeed.)

Here's the perfect use for soda: A geyser! How tall can they get?

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