Far better than “Cool Whip” — A honey-orange flavored whipped cream

By Jeanie Rose | Dairy

May 15

Far better than "Cool Whip" -- A honey-orange flavored whipped creamDid you grow up believing that Cool Whip was actually whipped cream? Hopefully not! But gauging by responses when serving a whipped cream dessert to guests, I’d say that very few people indulge in honest-to-goodness whipped cream.

We must have at least three generations now of Cool Whip kids. Cool Whip: quick and easy, cheap and totally loaded with chemicals.

Then there is the whipped cream that comes squirting from a can. As expensive as this product is, few people ever get as much whipped cream on their strawberry shortcake as they might want. We love big scoops! How about you? And then no one talks about the gas that propels the cream from the can. Is it any different than the gas in spray paint or hair spray? Hopefully it is!

Why not just whip your own cream? Whipping takes a few moments, but the mixer does the work. Let the cream whip while you clear away the dinner dishes in preparation for dessert. It’s just so easy and you can whip enough to use on a second day. Whipped cream has remained fluffed in our refrigerator for as long as four days. If it starts to lose its fluffed-up form, just re-whip it. This is seldom necessary.

Here is a glorious perk for whipping your own cream” You can sweeten it in different ways and you can add flavorings that complement the dish you plan to use the cream on. Talk about taking dessert to a new level!

Honey and maple syrup both perform well as whipped cream sweeteners. They sweeten without over-powering the cream with their own flavor. In fact, both honey and maple syrup are perfect complements for fresh fruit. You can experiment with different sweeteners and find what works best for your diet requirements and your taste preferences.

This little recipe is to help you get started experimenting. Honey is the sweetener and orange rind is the flavoring. The orange flavor sings in harmony with most every fruit, so we have a good starting point for exploration.

Use this luscious cream for shortcakes, ice cream sundaes with lots of fruit, in place of frosting on cakes, and to pile on warm cobblers and fruit pie slices. Is your mouth watering yet? It’s time to get started!

Honey-Orange Whipped Cream Ingredients

Far better than "Cool Whip" -- A honey-orange flavored whipped cream

  • 2 cups heavy cream
  • 1/3 cup runny honey
  • Grated zest of one orange
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla

Honey-Orange Whipped Cream Steps

  1. Pour the cream into the mixing bowl of a stand mixer.
  2. Turn the mixer on to a low speed. Ultimately, you want to get to the high speed but if you start that way, cream will splash all over the place. Run the mixer at low speed until the cream begins to thicken just a bit.
  3. When the cream is thick enough to turn up the speed, turn it up gradually: first on medium speed for a minute or two, then on high.
  4. When the cream starts to look close to finished, slowly drizzle in the honey. Add the orange zest and drizzle in the vanilla.
  5. Taste the whipped cream. You may want more honey. Feel free to add some, but remember to drizzle slowly while the honey incorporates into the cream.
  6. Do not allow the cream to continue whipping after it is stiff. In a flash the cream can separate and produce butter. This is a fascinating process, but probably not what you are intending.
  7. Store any leftovers in a tightly covered container in the refrigerator. Keep your cream away from any strongly scented foods, like onions. The cream easily absorbs those flavors, so be cautious on this account.

Give this a try once and don’t be surprised if your family members say they would be happy with just a bowl of whipped cream for dessert. It is memorable!

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