Eat Like A Bear!!!!

By Amanda Rose | Intermittent Fasting

May 09

Eat Like a Bear: Keto + Intermittent Fasting!I ate like a bear for 8 months and lost 100 pounds. Eat like a bear!

Hey, guys, bear with me (so to speak) as I gather more resources for you on my beary successful diet. When I’m out in civilization and not in my bear-filled home here in the Giant Sequoia National Monument, I have people asking me all the time about the diet. I am hearing of people one- and two-degrees separated from me who are trying this diet because of my story in some way. I am flabbergasted and, at the same time, I am so deeply touched that people have hope because of my story. It’s because of them that I put these resources here.

That said, pardon the dust, because I am still in the final countdown stages, looking for 20-30 more pounds, and the diet itself takes mental focus so I haven’t had a huge amount of time to put up diet resources here on this website. That said, I have so many people asking me that it is also getting a bit easier to direct people to these online resources.

What is my basic diet? Here is the quick list:

  • I eat no more than once a day in a one-hour window.
  • What I eat is low enough in carbohydrates that my body stays in a fat-burning mode called ketosis. For we older people, it’s like eating a quality Atkins meal along with a pile of low carb vegetables. Stay away from potatoes, tomatoes, grilled onions, and winter squash. Eat piles and piles of lettuce and spinach.
  • You must read labels of anything else that you add — dressing, vinegar, sweetener, etc. Check the labels carefully for hidden carbs that might keep you out of ketosis.

That’s it!

Coffee? Tea? You know, I am going to admit right here that I have coffee out of my window but I don’t add anything to it that will affect my blood sugar. That’s a compromise for those of you who are coffee-addicted like me.

Alcohol? Noppity nope.

I am working on recipes for this website to help you get on track and stay focused, so look for those. I use some supplement tools to help my skin, so look for that as well, but the fact is, you can start on this right this minute. (If you feel like your mind is blown I will admit here that I got my head ready for two months before I actually implemented this. It’s simple and, yet, it is a big deal. Start thinking about it and make your plan.)

I’ve made some videos along that way that may be helpful to you:

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