With just a few balloons and some melted chocolate….

By Amanda Rose | Half Pint Fun

Oct 05

With just a few balloons and some melted chocolate....We had to try it and I’m here to report that it works pretty well.

Yes, we blew up water balloons (we held the water) and we dipped their bottoms in chocolate to make little chocolate bowls. It’s a fun project, especially with kids.

Will I serve this at my next party to all of the party-goers? I think this project may fit in the “life is too short” category when you start to scale it up. You’ve probably only got so much room in your freezer. You’ll have a few broken bowls and then you’ll just have to eat the broken chocolate. You’ll gain three pounds in the process. But one of those long days at home when your kids deserve something special? Bingo!

The Half Pints give you the skinny:

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