Seven satisfying and healthy cauliflower recipes

By Jeanie Rose | Cauliflower

Mar 27

Seven satisfying and healthy cauliflower recipesIn early spring after weeks of limited vegetables, it is so easy to cut way down on your vegetable quota, maybe even cut out the veggies entirely. You may try to explain it away. My dad says, “Of course I eat vegetables! Didn’t you see me eat that potato?”

With the abundant vegetable harvest of summer and fall long past, we have the challenge of making the most out of the cool weather vegetables available to us. Part of the challenge is not having grown up with many of those vegetables. If you did eat them in your youth, the vegetables were over-cooked and under-seasoned. They may have come from the freezer department of your grocery — not the best position for winning fans.

I had my first fresh head of cauliflower as an adult woman with my own home. “Oh, that’s what it looks like!”

Cauliflower is abundant and reasonably price in our area from December through early April. By April we are getting the delicate and alluring spring veggies like baby beets, sugar snap peas, and tender kale.

If you are like me, you are staring at the three large heads of cauliflower you just purchased on sale. The pressure is on! Come up with some interesting ways to serve this cauliflower or face the grumbles and grunts of your cauliflower-laden family.

Read on to find six delicious suggestions to address your challenge. Fresh cauliflower holds beautifully when refrigerated. You can pick out a recipe to try for each of the next three weeks. Those three heads of cauliflower will now lose their intimidating power — now they are your allies in the war for delicious and nutritious.

Two Cauliflower Soups

Seven satisfying and healthy cauliflower recipesCreamy cauliflower soup with chicken (here) comes close to being decadent. The story of its creation is a fun memory and the succulence of the soup is a delicious memory. Scan the ingredients and instructions. All basic. All simple. The end result is anything but basic!.

Roasted cauliflower and red pepper soup (here) is one of delicious serendipity. Work with what you have and you can be amazed at what you create!

Two Cauliflower Salads

Seven satisfying and healthy cauliflower recipesRoasted cauliflower salad (here) is loaded with bright flavors and fresh crunchy textures. Enjoy this as a side salad, or follow any of the suggestions for turning this memorable salad into your main dish.

Cauliflower and broccoli salad (here) is a recipe I just have to share. Yes, I know it has broccoli and this is a cauliflower collection. So here it is! Just use cauliflower, no broccoli, if you prefer. The flavors on this dish are amazing. Serve the cauliflower with or without pasta. Use a pasta of your choice or serve it with brown rice or quinoa. There are endless possibilities for enjoying this crowd-pleaser!

Three Cauliflower Sides

Seven satisfying and healthy cauliflower recipesRoasted cauliflower with bacon and garlic (here) sets us up for a win. Bacon and garlic are two of our favorite flavors. Home run! That’s how you will feel about this dish. Roast it in the oven or on the stove top as I was forced to do the first time I made this luscious cauliflower dish.

Roasted cauliflower with turmeric (here) is a great choice when you are working more turmeric into you recipes. Cauliflower and turmeric dance so nicely together. Enjoy the medicinal properties of turmeric and great flavor as well.

Trying these recipes you are bound to make some changes to fit your own palate. Be creative!

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