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Amanda Rose, Ph.D., lives in the Giant Sequoia National Monument of California where she forages and wild crafts for food and remedies from local native plants. She is increasingly known for her weight loss success ("half her size") via her website

May 10

Century Hike! Celebrating 100 Pounds!

By Amanda Rose | Intermittent Fasting

(Find updates, diary-style, at the bottom of this post.) And so it is spoken: We’re hiking 100 miles in a “discontinuous, disjointed, discombobulated” trek across the Pacific Northwest and somewhere in Utah, Colorado, Idaho, or Wyoming, wherever the car takes us this year! The “hike” is in honor of my 100-pound weight loss, a milestone […]

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Eat Like A Bear: 100 Pounds in 8 Months
May 09

Eat Like A Bear!!!!

By Amanda Rose | Intermittent Fasting

I ate like a bear for 8 months and lost 100 pounds. Eat like a bear! Hey, guys, bear with me (so to speak) as I gather more resources for you on my beary successful diet. When I’m out in civilization and not in my bear-filled home here in the Giant Sequoia National Monument, I […]

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