Introducing 3-D pictures at FreshBitesDaily — it’s super-cool new tech (including pictures of “the hobo kitchen”)

By Amanda Rose | Adventures

Nov 07

Deserving mention on its own, I wanted to introduce a new type of “photo” you will find here on — “3-D” photos made with the Lytro Illum camera. (Find the camera here at our Amazon partner and prepare for sticker shock….)

The photos below are not regular JPG or TIFF image files. They are what Lytro calls “living pictures.” Does an object in the picture look blurry to you? Click on the blurry area with your mouse (on a desktop) or with your finger (on mobile). Check out what happens!

Go, do it now. Click on a few. The photo will “play” like a little video and then you can click around and change the focus. You can even click the photo and “drag” it to change the perspective of the photo slightly.

Get a “full screen” option by clicking on the square-like doohickey in the bottom right of the each photo.

These are some photos from “around and about” — no real theme, just me trying to figure out how to use the camera. You’ll find more of these photos in our daily posts and in some special photo posts in the future. In any case, this is a sampling for you.

Cool? (If not, maybe a fermented beverage would help with that…) 😉 Certainly, these photos are perfect when you’re in a “browsing” mode.

A succulent collection at our friend Mary’s farm:

A small waterfall and swimming hole at Tyler Creek:

An acorn on moss at Tyler Creek:

A view from Dome Rock in the high Sierra:

A view of our local forest fire aftermath:

The Hobo Kitchen

Yesterday I posted a beautiful kitchen picture on Facebook asking if anyone actually keeps their kitchen that clean: “I’m wondering because mine looks like a band of hobos is camping in it.”

When I walked into the kitchen this morning I was inspired to snap a few photos of the hobo evidence. Perhaps the “before” pictures will inspire a little cleaning frenzy. (A girl can hope.)

I have to say that these “living pictures” don’t allow you to hide much. You can blur the mess in the background with depth of field using a regular camera. The mess is right there in these “living pictures.” My favorite mess in this kitchen is probably the two apples with bites taken out. 🙂

(That’s a titanium skillet in the foreground above, lest anyone mistake it for Teflon…)

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