Late Summer Tomato Pruning — Tip to Maximize Fall Yield

By Jeanie Rose | Tomatoes

Sep 10

Topping Tomatoes Tip at FreshBitesDaily.comTo maximize your harvest of ripe tomatoes into the fall, you must do some top-pruning on your tomato plants. Painful! Yes, I know.

Here is the rational:

  • The vines will continue to grow, setting new tomatoes that have no chance of ripening.
  • Days are growing shorter and the temperatures are cooling. This means that growing and ripening a tomato takes considerably longer than in mid-summer.
  • Top pruning causes the strength of the vine to go into ripening the tomatoes that are already set and beginning to put on some size.
  • Perform this pruning chore about six weeks before your first expected frost. Now your little toms have a chance to provide you with a final glorious harvest.

Happy pruning and an even happier harvest!

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