A rose-based facial toner with a variation for dry skin (in a lesson from India)

By Amanda Rose | Natural Body Care

Dec 10

A rose-based facial toner with a variation for dry skin (in a lesson from India)Amanda’s note: I always love opening up my emails from Ramya because I get to read great new content like this one. Ramya writes from a coconut farm in India where she shares traditional solutions to daily problems. Caring for our skin with a rose-based toner is one of those solutions. Find Ramya Venkateshwaran at her website WildTurmeric.net.)


As I mentioned in the rose water post, I always have rose water at home stashed in my refrigerator. Once I use it, I immediately make a new batch. It has become a habit now. Since I always have rose water at home, I always keep looking for new recipes to try. A few months back, when I was searching for a recipe for homemade toner, I couldn’t find a single recipe that I liked or caught my attention. As I was just about to give up on my search, I opened one of my hand written recipe books. There in the last page, I had written this recipe along with a note that read “A must try recipe”. I just couldn’t help smiling when I read it, thinking of the coincidence. I made this toner the same day and completely loved it. This homemade toner has reduced acne break outs on my skin considerably. This homemade toner is made with witch hazel, homemade rose water, and rose essential oil. 

Rose water is an amazing ingredient to use on your face, with its anti-inflammatory properties that soothes problem-prone skin. It is also very gentle on the skin. Rose water made with pesticide-free roses can be safely used by people with very sensitive skin. It is also a very gentle and effective cleanser that can be made very cheaply at home. Never buy rose water from the shops — usually it is artificial essence and coloring mixed with water. (If you do buy one, we recommend this one.) Rose water once made can be stored in the refrigerator for almost a month.

Many people don’t use toners as many store bought toners are quite drying on the skin, but this homemade toner is very gentle and can be made to suit different skin types.

This toner includes witch hazel — amazing for reducing open pores and tightening the skin. Witch hazel is an astringent produced from witch hazel shrub and it is widely used in both cosmetics and health care. Regular use of witch hazel (in this toner), greatly reduces acne break outs. Though there are thousands of products for acne break outs, most of them come with side effects like excessive drying, skin peeling, etc. Witch hazel is one natural product that is very effective for treating acne. Witch hazel is an amazing disinfectant too. Witch hazel reduces inflammation caused by acne and the best thing I like about this homemade toner is it can be used on problem prone skin too.
One important thing to remember when buying witch hazel is to make sure that it is alcohol free. If it contains alcohol, it will be drying on the skin.

For this homemade toner, I used 3:1 ratio of rose water and witch hazel but if you feel even this blend is drying your skin, add few drops of glycerine to the blend. You can tweak the base recipe according to your skin type. If you have oily skin, increase the amount of witch hazel in the recipe. However witch hazel has an odor that many people find unpleasant. Since we are diluting it in rose water and adding rose essential oil, the smell is greatly reduced.
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Rose petal facial toner for normal skin

A rose-based facial toner with a variation for dry skin (in a lesson from India)

  • 3 cups of rose water
  • 1 cup alcohol-free witch hazel
  • 10 drops rose essential oil

Rose petal facial toner for dry skin

  • 3 cups of rose water
  • 3/4 cup alcohol-free witch hazel
  • 10 drops rose essential oil
  • 10 drops glycerine

Rose toner steps

  1. Measure out rose water in a cup and add the measured out witch hazel.
  2. Add rose essential oil and mix well.

Store your toner in a glass bottle in the refrigerator and use daily after cleansing your face. Choose the recipe according to your skin type.

Use this facial toner after using your facial cleanser — it removes any make up left after cleansing and leaves the skin soft and smooth. To use, just take a little of the toner in a cotton ball and wipe gently all over your face. Your face will feel clean and smooth after it.
This toner can be stored for a month in the refrigerator.

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