Pineapple Sage: Why you’ll love playing with this plant, with a bonus for depression and blood pressure

By Amanda Rose | Sage

Oct 01

This is a fun plant that you will want to leave a bit of garden space for in the coming years. The flavor and fragrance is exquisite, almost sweet with a mild pineapple note as its name implies.

The super bonus with this plant is that it might improve our health as well — it is a traditional Mexican remedy for depression and high blood pressure. Check out some of my thoughts in the video above. (If you’re just interested in the depression and blood pressure portion you can click here.)

I tossed in the video my most interesting use for pineapple sage. If you want to jump right to that portion, click here. What are some of your favorite uses for pineapple sage? Leave a comment on the video in YouTube (here). I’d love to try it!

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