Persimmons! How to keep them from burning your mouth (and more)!

By Amanda Rose | Persimmon

Nov 12

Persimmons are a wonderful benefit of the fall season, ripening just before Thanksgiving and providing a robust fruity flavor just as the late summer crops whither on the vine. As with all fruits, a tree-ripened persimmon is particularly dear and we are lucky here in central California to have friends with persimmon trees and access to these great fruits.

If you are unfamiliar with persimmons, the Half Pints made a short video on the two most common varieties — Hachiya and Fuyu. They offer a simple smoothie recipe as well.

My favorite part? Alastair at 1 minute 49 seconds (here) on what happens if you don’t add the vanilla extract to the smoothie. I laughed because there definitely are food philosophies that suggest you better prepare something just so or you’ll be in a whole lot of trouble. Does this six-year-old have some sort of instinct on that? Maybe so.

Before they made that video, I actually set them up to taste the persimmons — both varieties side-by-side and, more importantly, the hachiya unripe. An unripe hachiya is some bad business as you will see in the first 20 seconds of the tasting video. Poor Alastair just launched right in and took a big bite of the unripe hachiya. Uh-oh. Later in the video, Frederick tastes it as well. (Alastair tastes it here and Frederick here.)

When we end up with a mountain of persimmons, we tend to freeze them or dry them. We like to freeze the dead-ripe hachiyas and dry the Fuyus. Check out more on drying them here.

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