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Mar 26

Drying/Dehydrating Your Elderberry Bounty!

By Amanda Rose | Elderberry

If, by chance, you have oceans of elderberries around you like we do here in the Giant Sequoia National Monument, you might consider drying them to preserve them. Drying elderberries is very popular. In fact, it is the primary way to purchase elderberries that have been harvested and processed for you. The internet abounds with […]

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Mar 09

Edible flower chocolate bark

By Amanda Rose | Edible Flowers

This is one you are going to want to try. I expect most of us love the idea of using edible flowers in lovely little food items and this may be the easiest idea around. In this “recipe” it’s all about that chocolate and some eye-popping spring flowers. We used violets and dandelions. Using flowers […]

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